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Ego is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday

5,500.00 4,200.00
Your Ego Will Be Your Downfall If You Don't Do Something About It. We all have this enemy in us. YOU and I. The worst part about ego is that we're so fast to immediately recognize it in other people, but we're blind to our own behavior ?. It has the power to bring you down to ridiculous lows. Ego is a self-inflicted trap that is holding you from accomplishing your Vision. So how do you shut your ego up? This book will solve that problem... Ego is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday It'll open up to you in a very practical yet humbling way, how to defeat your ego, and get up to achieve the things you dream of in life. Don't let your ego continue to hold you hostage. Let's win this war against ego, shall we!? ✊?
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Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Hardcover by Chris Voss

6,000.00 4,600.00
Only The Best Negotiator Gets Away With The Fattest Meat! . ...But how? . How do you negotiate the life of your loved one who has been kidnapped by some dangerous criminals? . How do you negotiate to pay N1million for a Car that was pegged at N5million? . How do you negotiate a N5billion mega business deal with an Australian Investor you've never met before? . Everything has been revealed in this Book... ?? . Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss . If you know this man, you'd know he was a former FBI Hostage Negotiator. . And now he has poured into this book, all his killer negotiation secrets from his years of negotiating face to face with kidnappers, bank robbers, terrorists and all kinds of dangerous criminals. . Life and business is a series of negotiations you should be prepared for. . And you only get what you demand for, not what you "wish" for. . This book will teach you how to negotiate like your life depends on it! . Now available at your #1 most Solution-oriented Book plug, @ninspirobooks.
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The Startup Way: How Modern Companies Use Entrepreneurial Management to Transform Culture and Drive Long-Term Growth by Eric Ries

6,000.00 4,600.00
Do You Want to Scale Your Business to a New Level?   Do you want your business to become the #1 in your industry?   Do you want your business to grow and stay for decades like Amazon, etc?   Then this book is for you! ??   The Startup Ways by Eric Ries   If you want to become a multinational company, then this is the toolkit you need.   In this book, Eric Ries reveals how entrepreneurial principles can be used by your business to grow revenues and profits, drive innovation, and transform yourself into truly modern organizations, poised to take advantage of the enormous opportunities of the twenty-first century.   This book is a must-read roadmap to growing your business to the level of established enterprises like iconic multinationals GE and Toyota, tech titans like Amazon and Facebook, and the next generation of Silicon Valley upstarts like Airbnb.
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Model Marriage by Dag Heward-Mills

6,900.00 4,900.00
REVEALED: The Hidden Truth They Never Told You About MARRIAGE What is left to know? Even without reading a book, a blind man can tell or rather guess what marriage is all about and what it takes to commit to this Sacrament You have it totally wrong because this book might prove otherwise. ?? Model Marriage by Dag Heward-Mills This all-in-one Christian marriage counseling toolkit Leaves you with the untold SECRETS in marriage that will lead you as a guiding light... ...Even while you're single, entangled, already engaged or married. Things you might NEVER hear in marriage counseling and even as youths, principles that will prove VERY powerful and effective in your relationship are hidden in this Book. You'll learn: ☑️ How to spur great sex in marriage and sex positions ☑️ helpful tips about Pregnancy ☑️ Parenting tips ☑️ Conflict resolution in your home This book is speeding out of order as very few copies are left in stock. Make your order NOW as it's available at your #1 most Solution-oriented Book Plug, @ninsprobooks.
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