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Ninspiro Book Club is the fastest growing online community of Book Lovers in Nigeria who share similar passion for reading and books.

It is a community passionate about Personal Development and exploring the beautiful experience the Reading culture brings.

We were formally on WhatsApp, and now in order to expand to bigger horizons in line with our vision, we are transitioning to our Facebook Group, where we will serve our members better.

What You'll Get When You Join Ninspiro Book Club:

  • Meet and network with other Book lovers, Voracious readers, Brilliant Minds and Business Experts.
  • Opportunity to develop and cultivate your Reading habit.
  • Collectively read our Book Of The Month (BOTM) from Non-fiction Genre.
  • Enjoy The Collective Book Of The Month (BOTM) Discussions and Reviews at the end of each month.
  • Opportunity to share your knowledge and passion with others.
  • Learn from our FREE Webinars.
  • Opportunity to learn from other bright minds from the Posts made in the community ranging from Books, reading tips, personal development, business & money, etc.
  • Get FREE Personal Development and Reading Tips, Book Giveaways and Book Recommendations from Ninspiro Books.
  • Be the first to know about our Special Book Promo Sales.
And many more!

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